PPM Economics and Strategy

Highly experienced and skilled economics and policy advisory consultancy.


We are able to help clients by putting analysis into broader contexts, assessing risk and building a case for change. We have a keen understanding of the policy environment and the consequences of change and have shown an advanced level of ability in delivering results.

PPM Economics and Strategy specialises in providing economic and policy advice to both industry and government.


PPM Economics and Strategy can assist with:

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Economic Impact Assessment

We have the expertise and experience to show how your project impacts local and national employment, output and tax.
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Public Benefit Assessment

We can help build your case for rezoning and new developments by showing the full impact of public benefit items, such as open space, roads and bike paths.
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Cost Benefit

Let us assist in getting your grant or project funded by showing how the benefits of your project compare with the costs.
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Retail and Demand Forecasting

We can show how your new shopping centre will impact the current retail environment, including showing gaps that exist between supply and demand.